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Rich Tamayo is an Emmy-winning Multi-Media Livestream Producer, with over 30 years' experience in the industry.  Rich's innovative and creative "One-Stop-Shop” business approach laid the groundwork under which he founded TVP Studios Inc. in 1985.  

It was Rich's passion for the art and his desire to serve his clients' needs as efficiently as possible that motivated Rich to continue this business model, even as he became one of the first Livestreaming Pioneers, offering his first Webcast services in 2008.  

Today, Rich's TVP LIVE emphasizes on World-Wide-Web media networking via Live Switched, Multi-Camera Recording & Media Webcasting. Rich's creative talent, eye for detail, and proficiency in Digital Cinematography & Photography compliment his technical expertise to ensure a product that is not only professionally superior but also aesthetically captivating.

Deb Halberstadt was graduated from Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She served as NBC Manager Media Services-Photography for Corporate Communications (formerly known as Media or Public Relations) where she managed a staff of 14 and a yearly million-dollar budget.

Her shooting experience includes portraiture, episodic television, sports, news, public and private publicity,  promotion and advertising. Before NBC, she worked for the Associated Press as a picture editor/photographer in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Ms. Halberstadt is a producer, field and post-production director, and Videographer with long and strong experience in newspapers, wire services, magazines, television networks, public relations, public sector and corporate communications.

In 1989, Deb organized, and has since run, HalfCity Productions, a digital video and multi-media company.

She has hands-on knowledge of all aspects of field and studio production and post-production. Much of her experience lies in the Los Angeles market, though some of it has been in other areas of California, in other states, and abroad.

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Deb Halberstadt Owner/Videographer/Producer HalfCity Productions   (Email Deb At:)  Halfcity@earthlink.net

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